Tell-A-Book™ Manuscript Magic Coaching Program

Getting your book written can be easy and fun with the Tell-A-Book Manuscript Magic coaching program.

You tell us your information; we write your manuscript for you. Of course, everything is confidential.
Your manuscript can then be easily converted into a print book, audio book, and e-book format like Kindle or Nook.
You can use those words to blog or even develop seminars or on-line courses.
Once your manuscript is complete, your coach can guide you in finding the right publisher for your book or provide direction to self-publish.

  1. Enroll in Publishing Prep School Book Coaching program (pdf).
  2. You and your book coach map out your book and your audience.
  3. You schedule call-in times (30 – 45 minute sessions); your coach asks clarifying questions as appropriate.
  4. The call is recorded via conference call and then transcribed.
  5. Your material is edited and sent back to you for review.
  6. Chapter by chapter, your manuscript falls into place using our proven Build-A-Book process.

Before you know it, you have a complete manuscript in your hands! Congratulations!  (By the way, once you declare yourself an author, any expenses can be tax-deductible.  You and your coach can talk about the business side of your book as well.) So, what’s holding you back?
See if Tell-A-Book Manuscript Magic is right for you.
Schedule your free 15-minute consultation now:

If you have a completed manuscript, and would like to know if it’s any good or if it could be published, CLICK here to find out more about our Manuscript Review Service.