Book Coaching

Publishing Prep School offers two different systems to “bring out the book in you” and complete your manuscript.

If you like to write and feel comfortable with a computer, check out our custom book coaching program.

If you’d rather talk and have someone else do the writing, our unique Tell-A-Book program might be ideal. Simply call in at scheduled times, you “talk” your book, we transcribe and edit that day’s work, and send it back to you.

How book coaching works:

1) We start with a free 30-minute consultation about your project.

2) You and your coach map out your book and establish a writing or talking schedule.

3) We continue the process of writing/talking until your manuscript is complete.

4) You and your coach discuss publishing options.

Please review Publishing Prep School’s coaching agreement (pdf) and check the appropriate program.

Of course, all book coaching is confidential and conducted in a safe, supportive environment.